One Big HI*Sessions Ad!

The title of the blog is somewhat accurate. I will be talking a lot about HI*Sessions today because there is a lot of exciting news! But first, I’ll start with some other personal business… First, a HUGE MAHALO! goes out to our friends from Japan who came into Hyatt on Wednesday! Among them was one …

What Did You Guys Do For Father’s Day?

Aloha everyone, thank you again for reading my little blog! I really appreciate everyone’s comments here and on our Facebook page, so keep them coming First off, we begin our tale from the HI*Sessions studio! Last week, we filmed another episode out at the beautiful Ko’olau Ballrooms and welcomed Holunape to the stage! The group …

Our New Band Name, “ManoaAND”

I’m happy to report that in order to feature Alex more in the band, we have changed our name to “ManoaAND” and placed Alex’s name at the head of the table! This is to not only satisfy his leadership in the group, but also his desire to be in the spotlight.

A Very Special Birthday

First of all, thank you EVERYONE for sending me birthday wishes. For you to take time out of your day to call, text, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram me really means a lot and I’m very humbled by it. Even though I don’t have my own Facebook page, I still got all your messages and it was really awesome!

It’s February! Back To Work!

my first post for February, and my first one since the beginning of the year. Don’t worry, I didn’t have major surgery or anything, I just took a month off from ManoaDNA to relax and focus on my other two jobs! Here’s what you missed…

Toy Drive Tonight! Are you Coming?

Hey everyone, before I get into last week, I just want to say one final thank you to everyone who has supported our toy drive this year. Tonight’s event (rain or shine, hail or wind, tsunami or hurricane) will be a great event and benefit MANY people in need.

Richard Kawakami Statue

What Did I Do This Week?

Hey everyone! Happy holidays! Since we are now in the holiday season, I want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hopefully you are all healthy and happy and enjoying the holidays with people you love!