One Big HI*Sessions Ad!

The title of the blog is somewhat accurate. I will be talking a lot about HI*Sessions today because there is a lot of exciting news! But first, I’ll start with some other personal business…

First, a HUGE MAHALO! goes out to our friends from Japan who came into Hyatt on Wednesday! Among them was one of our youngest fans, Manoa! She was just a little baby when we first started touring Japan, and now she’s growing so big! Manoa and her family came into Hyatt and stayed to listen to some music. Meanwhile, Manoa sketched this picture of the band, and I have to say it’s pretty accurate!

Our little fan, Manoa, stopped by Hyatt and drew this picture of us!
Our little fan, Manoa, stopped by Hyatt and drew this picture of us!

Next, if you haven’t gotten a chance to catch Alx during one of his solo gigs around town, make sure you do! Coming up in August, he has the 2nd at Lulus, 7th at Hyatt, and the 16th at Corner Kitchen! Follow him on Twitter for all the latest gig information.

Catch Alx solo as he performs more and more throughout the year!
Catch Alx solo as he performs more and more throughout the year!

On a related note, PLEASE COME TO KANI KA PILA on Saturday, August 3rd. See, here’s the thing… Dad is heading up to the mainland for a couple of days next week, leaving Alx and I with a decision. Usually what happens, is Alx takes some of the weekly slots and turns them into solo gigs himself. Well, little did I know that he left Saturday open to “Manoa-NA” at Kani Ka Pila! That’s right, it will just be Alx, Mark, and I for three hours. I’m gonna kill him…haha! If you’re religious, please pray for us (actually, I really mean me)!

Finally, the main story for this week’s blog: HI*Sessions news! The first bit is to let you all know that KFVE has decided to upgrade our show and move us to prime time! The exact date and time have not been finalized, but we are so excited to be on during a weeknight! This should be much easier for our viewers to watch the show, and we hope to get more through the primetime slot!

I was at the shoot for a couple of my favorite artists, recently. First, Kalei Gamiao, a very talented ‘ukulele player from Hawai’i, teamed up with a professional musician from Thailand named Singto. Singto is a Thai Grammy award winner, and reminds me of a Thai Jason Mraz! Teaming up with Kalei, the duo made some great music, and I can’t wait for these songs to come out!
Singto & Kalei Gamiao on HI*Sessions

The other half of the day was devoted to Kawika Kahiapo. A dedicated musician and humanitarian, Kawika is part of the Hawaiian supergroup Kaukahi. He himself has many awards, including Hawaiian Song of the Year, “Life In These Islands.” Growing up, I loved Kaukahi’s album, and even as a solo artist, Kawika had a great sound and I look forward to seeing him again!
Kawika Kahiapo on HI*Sessions

That’s all for now, folks! It’s been a pretty relaxing summer, and I am NOT complaining. Been able to finally catch up on a lot of personal projects, and get things done at IOLANI! Hopefully, you enjoyed this entry, I apologize for basically making it an advertisement for HI*Sessions, but I’m really proud of the work we do and hope that the support for us and Hawaiian music continues! Until next time!