Back from Japan! #IOLANIxUNIQLO!

As we head back from Japan, I wanted to post a quick update from the road! Hope everyone’s 2014 is going awesome, and I hope you enjoy these updates!

First, a reminder that we just finished our second episode on the HI*Sessions YouTube page. We performed four songs, and were interviewed in a small behind-the-scenes segment. Check it out: It will be featured till Friday, then after that, you can find it here: HI*Sessions Playlist featuring ManoaDNA

As for the trip, Tokyo was beautiful! We missed a strong wind storm by one day when we arrived, and had beautiful sunny (but still cold) weather. I heard there was some cold weather & high winds back home too, so glad we missed both! Haha!

Of course, the big news of the week was the announcement of our collaboration with fashion giant, UNIQLO! Starting in the summer, they will be releasing a full line of clothing using designs and prints inspired by ‘IOLANI. Considering they are Japan’s largest clothing retailer, and have stores worldwide, it’s a huge opportunity for us and the state of Hawai’i.

Finally today, I wanted to reiterate what I mentioned on my Instagram feed. Every day that I work at IOLANI, I build my understanding of what this company means. To my family, to strangers, to anyone, my pride grows daily as I see the results of our daily work. This has also lead me to the pride that goes into other’s work as well. When we travel to Japan, I am always amazed by the detail in every aspect of their lives. The pride that they show, inspires me to put the same effort into what I do.

Moral of the story is, go out and do something. If anything, do something amazing, and be proud of it because it will show!
Till next time, ALOHA!