Nick in Photos, Ep. 10: 1,000 Posts!

A milestone (big or small) is something to be recognized, and ManoaDNA has recently topped 1,000 posts! Thanks to your support, we have been able to have an outlet for our music and a forum to share our ideas. We hope that we have lived up to your expectations and will continue to bring you the best in ManoaDNA programming! As for today, onto the photos…

Last week was an emotional week for me, and I am always blessed to be reminded of how lucky I am. I was up at Punahou School this week and was able to snap this picture from the top of rocky hill. Lucky I live Hawai’i!

Lucky We Live Hawai'i

I recently had the opportunity to dine at Chef Morimoto’s new restaurant in Waikiki, and while this column isn’t usually used for reviews, I did want to comment that it was a fun experience but a little pricey and noisy for a regular visit. I’m keeping this one for special occasions.

Morimotos Foie Gras OystersMorimotos Ahi Tar Tar (in a box?)Morimotos Waikiki Sashimi PlatterMorimotos Soft-Shelled Crab SushiMorimotos Peanut Bomb Dessert

Finally, a picture from one of my favorite restaurants, Tokkuri-tei! For a limited time, Chef Santa has prepared “Foie Gras Chips” as an ala-carte item. If you have ever had their Spicy Ahi chips or Smoked Ahi chips, you’ll be familiar with this version. If you aren’t, just think of it this way, imagine creamy delicious Foie Gras mixed with a sweet and savory sauce then piled on top of a tenpura fried nori (Japanese seaweed) chip. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Foie Gras Chips from Tokkuritei


  1. Nick! What a great photos!! Honolulu city lights?!?! I should practice the uke this song. And do you like mcdonalds?? I love texas burger at mc now. so おいしい:)

    • horray masako! you’re the first one to login and place a comment using your twitter account! thank you for doing that, and don’t forget to keep on commenting.

      as for the pics, just in the right place at the right time.

      i haven’t eaten the texas burger. i don’t think we have that in hawai’i. i am jealous.