Uh, oh .. here it comes!

My throat’s not so good this morning … kind of congested and swollen.  Damn!  I hope I can catch this thing before it gets worse.  We have a full weekend of performances so I can’t afford to lose my voice now (which happens every time I get a cold).  And at least I don’t have fever, body ache, or congested sinuses (knock on wood!), but then again, it’s still early in the game!  Been gargling with warm salt water and sucking on throat lozenges to help relieve the throat symptoms … hope it works!  Any suggestions??

Our pal, Miki, came in to the IOLANI store yesterday. She flew in from Japan to attend a friend’s wedding today and returns home tomorrow … boy, quick trip, huh?  Anyway, Miki writes all of ManoaDNA’s blogs in Japan … I think her mascot is a bunny and she is very, very popular with her readers!  Anyway, it was great to see her smiling face and I’m looking forward to seeing her the next time we’re in Japan!

We’re off to do our Valentine’s Day radio segment now so I gotta run (cough, cough).

Have a great Aloha Friday, everyone!   Aloha, “D”


  1. She is Bunny san ?
    I am always reading her blog.
    Is she enjoying Hawaii ?
    Aloha~Miki san !

    Lloyd san, Are you okay? Get well soon…

  2. Aloha Dad !
    It’s good to take a ginger because it helps your body warm and increases immunity.
    My favorate is the special tea that’s added it sond peace of dry and sliced gingers and honey.
    That’s good♪

    Please take a rest … take care,Dad☆

    Aloha ,from Noriko

    pleare take care