Is Social Media Required?

Hello Everyone, I’d like to start today’s post with an apology. No, not the week-late blog post (I’ve apologized enough fro my tardiness), but for the last “title-less” blog post. It screwed with the system, and so I apologize if you didn’t get to leave your comments on your favorite adventure! Let’s hope I never …

How NOT To Pose For A Photo

Aloha everyone! Hope you’re all having a great July! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but I have been on vacation, enjoying some relaxation and being cut off from the world! Now I’m back, re-energized, and ready to go! First, I was honored to be a part of Sarah Kamalei’s new …

Our New Band Name, “ManoaAND”

I’m happy to report that in order to feature Alex more in the band, we have changed our name to “ManoaAND” and placed Alex’s name at the head of the table! This is to not only satisfy his leadership in the group, but also his desire to be in the spotlight.

Richard Kawakami Statue

What Did I Do This Week?

Hey everyone! Happy holidays! Since we are now in the holiday season, I want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hopefully you are all healthy and happy and enjoying the holidays with people you love!

Nick in Photos, Ep. 2: Happy Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I hope everyone is having a safe and hungry Thanksgiving Day. Be thankful for everything you have, and look forward to a fun and exciting ManoaDNA holidays! First up on this week’s episode of “Nick in Photos” features two Hipstamatic photos. I love this app! If you read my blog from Monday, …

Waikiki Sunset

I was in Waikiki last night and I got to watch the sun set on the horizon. It was so beautiful because there wasn’t any clouds blocking the sun. Check out the picture!!

Back from Hilo, Part 1

Just got back from a weekend trip to Hilo to see the Observatory and Volcanoes! It was actually my first time up to Hilo since I was in 5th grade, so I was very happy to go and see it again! I didn’t remember a lot from what I saw last time, so to refresh my brain was a treat.