We had a little excitement early this morning … some of our neighbor’s yard trash caught fire and the Fire Dept. had to come and put it out.  Although the fire was minor and was quickly doused, it created a lot of smoke so our house now smells like burning leaves.  We got all the windows open and the fans going so it shouldn’t take too long to get rid of the smell …

I’m feeling a little weird this morning … got some slight congestion in my throat.  I hope it’s not the cold virus that everyone’s been coming down with.  The next couple of weeks are going to be busy ones for us and I don’t want to get sick, especially since I always lose my voice whenever I catch something in my throat and chest!  Other than that, I’m feeling fine so I’m hoping it’s an allergy or something in the air.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!   Aloha, “D”


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  2. Be carefully ! Lloyd san…