ManoaDNA Weekends: Recharge!

As the title may imply, the theme for today’s post is RECHARGE! I don’t know the word in Japanese, but I think it’s すうっと! Unfortunately, that meant that I also slacked on the picture taking, but hopefully I can get some together for Thursday’s Nick in Photos post.

Friday, Alex & Dad spent the night down at Lulus with Mark & Richie. I took the night off, so Alex & Dad went down and held down the fort for ManoaDNA! They didn’t take any pictures either, so I can’t show you how it went! They reported a fun night, even without me!

Saturday, ManoaDNA was back at Kani Ka Pila in full force! The place was jam-packed (まんいん), and we had a great time. We met new friends from Japan, Canada, the mainland, and even Hawai’i. For me, it was so good to get back in the groove at Kani Ka Pila!

Finally, as Dad has already mentioned in his latest blog, we had our first golf outing of the year at Hawaii Prince. Out in the Ewa plains, Hawaii Prince is a 27-hole golf course that allows you to play 3 different 18-hole combinations. We played B&C yesterday, which proved to be very difficult for me. I am too embarrassed to say what I shot, but let’s say I hope I never get near that score again!

Anyway, again, I apologize for the lack of pictures. I did dine at the new Morimoto’s restaurant in Waikiki over the weekend, so I am hoping I can showcase some of those pictures on Thursday! Until then, ALOOOHA!


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  2. Recharge in Japanese is リチャージ or 充電 (じゅうでん)。