Cool Manoa …

Aloha, everyone … hope you guys are having a great start to this beautiful but chilly Tuesday morning!  It’s still dark outside but the puppies have been getting us up around 5:30am … it’s hard to sleep when you’ve got three fur balls bouncing around on the bed!  So I just get up and make a pot of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and fire up the old laptop and start checking my emails – boring!  Man, is it cold again or is it just my imagination?!

I went to Tsukuneya last night for some pau hana with the boys and some friends.  It’s always nice to get together with the guys for a beer and some laughs … very good for the soul.  Tonight I’m going to a reception at a private home for one of our good friends and client, and I’m hoping to make it an early evening.  I have a hard time staying up past 9 -10pm these days … one minute I’m watching NCIS and the next, I’m cutting some serious Zzzs!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Tsukuneya is our favorite restaurant!
    I think … we are going next time.

    I ate the Banzai Cookies today.
    It was really good. yumyum !!!
    I think … we will buy it next time.

  2. Yeah, the banzai cookie is awesome .. it’s also my favorite!