ManoaDNA Weekends: Happy Birthday Alex!


Yesterday, at Aiea Bowl, family and friends celebrated Alex’s 25th birthday with some good food and fun bowling! If you get a chance, you should head out west and check out the bowling alley, complete with full restaurant. It was delicious as usual, and I was definitely happy to get some ono food in my stomach!


Also, a happy new year to everyone! We celebrated the new year with a bunch of friends in Waialae Iki this year, and kicked off 2011 in style. I, being the old man of the group, wished everyone a “Happy New Year” at midnight, then proceeded to fall asleep at 12:15a. Such a party animal, huh?


On a side note, two presents from our fans in Japan. One is a spicy garlic sauce that I used on my curry. Now Japanese people, I know it probably shouldn’t have been used that way, but it actually worked pretty well! Next time I will use it properly and put it in my ramen or something.

Finally, I want to again wish everyone a happy new year. It was a super 2010, and hopefully 2011 is even better!
Aloha for now,