‘Morning, all!  It’s the start of the first full week in 2011 and I already have a lot of stuff on my to-do list for both IOLANI and ManoaDNA!  I sure hope this new year brings a much stronger economy with more jobs for the people in our community.  It’s been a tough go and it’s time we started moving forward again!

We went to the Aiea Bowl last night for dinner since the boys & their friends planned to have a bowling party afterward for Alex’s birthday.  That was the first time I ate there and I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised.  I had heard about this Ilima Award-winning restaurant from several people, and although the ambience and decor leave a lot to be desired (it’s a bowling alley), the food was pretty good.  I ordered their popular ox-tail soup which I liked but had a little too much anise for my taste – but their pizza, kalbi, and chicken were great, and their desserts were to die for!  I took home a slice of their lemon crunch cake and practically inhaled it, it was so good!  I’m glad Carla bought an extra one by mistake!  If you’re ever out in Aiea and don’t mind the constant din of rumbling bowling balls smashing into pins, check out the Aiea Bowl restaurant – you won’t be disappointed!

And since yesterday was also my dad’s birthday, we all went up Punchbowl to visit his grave site and wish him a happy birthday.  It was a beautiful day and I know Grandpa had a big smile on his face …

Aloha, “D”