MDNA Blog – Last Day of 2010

On new years eve 2010, I took the journey out to the north shore of Oahu to hit the beach and eat some good food. We ended up setting up shop around Pipeline and watched as the waves got bigger and bigger as the day went on. We watched surfers take off and ride some of the nicest waves I’ve ever seen. I went in for a swim for a little while, but I don’t think ou’ll see me surfing out there any time soon; I leave that to the pros…

If anybody from out of town is looking for something to do, go out to the north shore and spend a whole day out there. So relaxing and so much fun.

These pictures were taken from my iPhone because I forgot my real camera, but if you want the best surf pictures, check out my good friend Zak Noyle’s website and buy some sick shots from all around the world.