Is Social Media Required?

Nick's Blog 21 March 2014 | Comments Off

Hello Everyone, I’d like to start today’s post with an apology. No, not the week-late blog post (I’ve apologized enough fro my tardiness), but for the last “title-less” blog post. It screwed with the system, and so I apologize if you didn’t get to leave your comments on your favorite adventure! Let’s hope I never […]

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What’s Your Adventure?

Nick's Blog 28 February 2014 | Comments

Good morning all! Before I get into today’s blog post, I want to take a moment to thank you all for the birthday wishes! Between ManoaDNA’s Facebook page, all the Twitter comments, and personal messages I received, it made my day VERY special! Now, on to the news! It’s the last day of February, making […]

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Alx is in Japan, so I’m on VACATION!

Nick's Blog 7 February 2014 | Comments Off

When it comes to ManoaDNA, with gigs at least three times a week, you take “vacation” days whenever you can! While Alx works in Japan, Dad & I have the weekend off and will be spending it doing something fun (I hope)! As for the last two weeks, they weren’t as fun as the previous […]

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Back from Japan! #IOLANIxUNIQLO!

Nick's Blog 24 January 2014 | Comments Off

As we head back from Japan, I wanted to post a quick update from the road! Hope everyone’s 2014 is going awesome, and I hope you enjoy these updates! First, a reminder that we just finished our second episode on the HI*Sessions YouTube page. We performed four songs, and were interviewed in a small behind-the-scenes […]

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My Wishes for 2014

Nick's Blog 10 January 2014 | Comments

Happy 2012 (Dangit, why did I go backwards?!) 2014 everyone!! What a year 2013 was, right?! I already complained about 2013, so it’s up to 2014 to be better and more fun! Here’s a little glimpse into my wishes for the new year… Health & Prosperity I wish that all of you, all of my […]

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My Best Memories from 2013

Nick's Blog 26 December 2013 | Comments Off

2013 was a roller coaster. There was so much turbulence in the world, that I hope 2014 does not repeat! Let’s take a look at the year that was… Starting in California, we got to taste some great wine in Napa Valley while we stayed at the Kenzo Estate Winery! What a treat! This year […]

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The Toy Drive Is My Life!

Nick's Blog 13 December 2013 | Comments Off

Aloha Everyone! We’ve been on tour in Japan for the last two weeks, so I apologize for the slow updates! Also, there are some bugs between the new website and the postings to Facebook/Twitter/etc, so I apologize for that as well! This one-man tech team is on the case, but let’s get to the updates! […]

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The Debut of My Travel Diary!

Nick's Blog 22 November 2013 | Comments Off

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well and enjoying the new layout. Much more simpler for us to use, but let me know if you are missing anything important! Since we are off to Japan in a couple of days, I thought I would practice my video shooting/editing skills with a new segment called, […]

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How To Make The World A Better Place!

Nick's Blog 8 November 2013 | Comments Off

As a follow-up to last week’s question “Is More Content Better Than Good Content” and your personal branding, here are the responses I received… Thank you to those who wrote in. I definitely want to make more “Brocurrences,” but budget-wise it is very restrictive! To Christine, I actually have a webpage (, but it only […]

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What is Your Personal Brand?

Nick's Blog 25 October 2013 | Comments Off

Aloha Everyone! Before I dive into the heavy subject I led with, let’s get some updates from the world of ManoaDNA! In the beginning of October, we were asked to pose as musicians for an upcoming Japanese feature film called “My Guide to Hawaii.” It was an awesome experience being an extra on a film […]

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