Goodbye World! Last Post for Two Months!

Oh the shame! The pain! The agony! My last post before I leave on my ’round the U.S. adventure! That’s right folks, this will be my last entry in my MānoaDNA journal till November! I know you’re all torn up about it, so I’ll make it quick and painless!

First, thank you all for your awesome support while I was in my turtle shell studying for my test! I was so relieved to have passed, and now I can enjoy my trip, the end of ‘IOLANI, and the beginning of my real estate career! I was shocked to wake up this morning to so many great comments on Facebook!

Of course, the big news is my trip coming up! I leave for Miami on Sunday and begin an 18-day driving adventure on the east coast, then a 5-week driving adventure on the west coast! Of course, I will be back for Alx’s going away party at Gordon Biersch on September 20th…wouldn’t miss that!!

You’re more than welcome to follow along on my journey. I have set up a travel blog that will include small stories and pictures from the road!

That’s all for this update! Will catch you on the flip side!