Where Did Everyone Go?!

Dad was the king of blog posts, but nothing since the beginning of February?! Alx and his blog have been silent since March?! Guess it’s all up to me to keep the dream alive! (Editors Note: I am also the webmaster, so If they’re gonna make me do this alone, I’m killing the blog! MWAHAHAHA!)

Good stuff coming up on the horizon, as well as some great memories since my last update! First up, I want to give you guys some details on a couple major dates coming up…

-August 2nd (Weekend), the family will be up in California performing for a private event in Napa Valley. You guys can’t go, but I just wanted to rub it in. MWAHAHA! (This is an evil blog post, huh?)

-August 9th (Weekend), we will be performing at our annual secret event, which I’m technically NOT supposed to talk about. It’s super secret, and the organizers on the Big Island (whoops!) have asked me to keep it quiet. They would know what quiet is, since they work for the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel… 🙂

-August 13th (Wednesday), we will be closing the Wildest Show in Town series at the Honolulu Zoo. We are excited because this year, we are featuring Mark Pearlman on electric guitar! I hope we get some battles between Mark & Alx!

-August 16th (Saturday), will be our last weekly show at Kani Ka Pila at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach! Sad to say we won’t be there on a regular basis anymore, but the staff has already offered us special shows when Alx is in town!

-August 27th (Wednesday), will be our last weekly show at SWIM at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach! I will definitely miss the delicious food from Japengo!

-August 29th (Friday), will be our last weekly show at Lulus in Waikiki! Our longest running show will definitely be a party on our last night there! Heck, we’ve been performing there for 8 years, I think.

-November 1st (Week), we will be in Japan for our annual tour! Details are still being put together, but check back as we get more and more!

After that, Alx will have a couple of solo shows in Waikiki during the month of September, so follow him for those updates! I also want to reiterate the party line: THIS IS NOT THE END OF MÄ€NOADNA! Alx is moving to LA at the end of September, but we will still be flying him back and forth for gigs. Everyone CHILL OUT! Hahahaha!

Well, I didn’t realize that would take so much space, so I won’t go into the memories portion this time. Maybe just one pic…

It was good to get everyone back together after a few weeks off!

Looking forward to the upcoming months! Lots going on around here, and we thank you all VERY MUCH for your support! We wouldn’t be able to do the things we love without you!