The Show Must Go On!

Well, let’s see. I’m not supposed to talk about this gig, but I want everyone to know an update because of an impending natural disaster…hmm…such choices. I guess I’ll just have to talk in code!

Infrared Satellite Images

This weekend, the state of Hawai‘i is preparing for two hurricanes to roll through the islands. As we speak, Hurricane Iselle is making landfall on the east side of the Big Island and we are waiting to see the damage it will do to Hilo and the areas around it. The MānoaDNA family is praying for Hilo and hope that everyone on the Big Island stays safe over the weekend!

On the gig side, we are scheduled to fly into Kona on Saturday morning for a full-moon event on Saturday night. It’s a top secret gig, that the staff at Mauna Lani (whoops!) would not like me to reveal, so we’ll just call it the Moonshine Gig…

As of the 11:00 AM Pacific Hurricane Center advisory, we are STILL scheduled to perform at our “Moonshine Gig” on Saturday night and will be flying over to the big island as planned.

This will be our last official statement about the gig, so check our Twitter feed for updates as the week goes on. If the show gets cancelled, moved or rescheduled, that’s where we will post an immediate update.