Back from Hilo, Part 1

Just got back from a weekend trip to Hilo to see the Observatory and Volcanoes! It was actually my first time up to Hilo since I was in 5th grade, so I was very happy to go and see it again! I didn’t remember a lot from what I saw last time, so to refresh my brain was a treat.

The first day went up to the observatory…

It was kind of cold, about 50 degrees, so I put on my jacket and an extra shirt. We were warned to stop at this observatory for about half an hour to get our body acclimated to the altitude and lack of oxygen. At the observatory they had a little area where they are trying to grow silversword, an endangered plant…

The amazing thing about this picture is that the plant is in bloom! The life of the silversword is a sad tale because it takes around 50 years to grow, then it blooms once and dies. This silversword has bloomed, and we were VERY lucky to get a picture of it! Too bad it has to die now.

Then we made it up to the mountain top where we watched the sunset above the clouds! It was kind of scary, being so dark, but was also an amazing experience…

I was able to get some of the stars to show on my camera, but I needed a longer lens to get it better…

After the sun went down, we headed back down the mountain, and back into Hilo town.

I will continue the adventure Wednesday!

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  1. WOW!! I watched “silversword” for the first time….
    Lucky you!!
    You had a very valuable experience.
    Still, it is a plant destined to be sad 🙁