Wassup – Part 1

It’s been SOOOO long since I last posted a blog that I forgot how to sign in to the website!  Anyway, since there are so many rumors going around concerning ManoaDNA’s future, I wanted to set the record straight.  First of all, MDNA is NOT breaking up – we are, shall we say, moving on to the next phase of this wonderful musical journey.  Alex has been presented with a great opportunity to develop his musical skills and will be relocating to LA … of course, we’re all very excited about this new development and give him our full support!  So what does this mean for MDNA?  Well, first of all we won’t be doing our weekly gigs anymore (KKPG, Lulu’s, and Hyatt) – that’s a given.  But we do plan to perform whenever Alex comes home and also plan to continue our Japan performances while hopefully adding some mainland ones too … who knows?  Meanwhile, Nick & I will be busy here at home with various business projects and stuff so you can be sure we won’t be sitting around doing nothing.  In any case, don’t write us off yet .. like the lyrics to C&K’s song , “The best is yet to come!”  Aloha, “D”.