Monday .. the start of another work week and also the last week of March 2011!  This has been one month that I’d like to forget … I sure hope April is better!

Went to play squash yesterday morning and really got a great workout!  I haven’t sweated that much in quite a while and it really felt good although my legs are a little stiff this morning.  Afterward, I dropped in at the local Hawai’i Hongwanji food fair and picked up some homemade sushi and stuff.  They even had my favorite “waffle dog” (it’s a hot dog wrapped in waffle batter and griddled) so I had to have one while I was there … so ono!  Alex & our bass player Mark were also providing some live music for the fair since Mark’s mom is pretty involved with the temple’s activities.  I then drove over to Andy’s in Manoa to pick up sandwiches for lunch … ahi/avocado, ahi melt, turkey/avocado … then headed home.  Spent the rest of the day just vegging and watching the Military Channel (love that stuff!).   Just another normal Sunday …

Got a busy week coming up … lots of stuff going on at IOLANI.  MDNA is also preparing for its trip to Japan at the end of April although our schedule is still not finalized given everything that’s happened in the past two weeks.

Stay safe everybody!   Aloha, “D”