‘Morning, peeps!  It’s Sunday, a day to rest and sleep in late … except in our house!  Our dog Buster was up very early this morning demanding to be let outside to eat grass … what a pain in the butt!  I guess now that he’s an old fart he’s developed a very sensitive stomach which gets upset all the time, so grass acts as a natural doggie cleanser.  Hey, if I ate cockroaches and candy wrappers all day I’d probably generate enough methane gas to power a small car too!  LOL!

Lulu’s on Friday was kinda mellow even though it was crowded, but Kani Ka Pila, was rockin’ last night.  People were dancing out by the pool and the lobby area behind us was packed with listeners.  At one point during the evening, it started raining so we began playing Alex’s song “RAINING” from our first CD, and the rain immediately stopped!  Coincidence?  Maybe, but ….

Before we went down to Kani Ka Pila last night, we performed at the 59th Annual Cherry Blossom Pageant over at the Hawai’i Theater, where the reigning queen and her court performed hula to our KA NOHONA PILI KAI / NADA SOU SOU medley.   They did a great job and looked especially beautiful in their IOLANI “Sweetheart” dresses! 🙂

The ongoing efforts to aid Japan continues with many local businesses and individuals banding together to try and raise funds and other donations for the victims.  We will continue to assist with these efforts and MDNA is scheduled to perform at several benefit fundraisers before departing for Japan at the end of April.  These last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for everyone, and I hope and pray that Japan will finally get a break from all the chaos and despair very soon!

Take care and be safe, everyone …  Aloha, “D”