Super windy!

Man, the trades have really been blowing the past few days!  It’s actually kinda nice … better than the hot, humid stuff that comes with the south and west winds.  Nothing much happening this week other than trying to keep IOLANI moving ahead … the news about huge cancellations in our visitors market due to the Japan earthquake catastrophe doesn’t help either.  It looks like our economy could be heading into another recession just when we were starting to recover from the last one!  I sure hope I’m wrong …

I want to send a HUGE mahalo out to all of our fellow musicians & entertainers who donated their time and energy to help raise donations for the Japan Red Cross!  Although Hawai’i is tiny compared to other countries, our hearts are just as big and our ties with Japan run very deep.  We will continue to contribute whatever we can until this crisis is over.

I’m not sure now whether I have a sinus infection or another cold … my head is totally stuffed up!  I hope it stays in my head and doesn’t move down to my throat – that would be a real bummer if I had a relapse of that awful cough of a couple of months ago … other than that I’m fine!

By the way, I apologize for all the negative blogs recently … the last couple of weeks have been so stressful.  I promise I’ll be back to my usual cheery, sarcastic self very soon!     Aloha,”D”