Rainy Manoa!

Yup, it’s rainy & windy up here in the “valley” … I thought I could sleep a little later since it’s Sunday but our dog, Buster, got me up at 5:30am crying because he wanted to go out and eat grass.  I guess that’s what dogs do when they have an upset stomach .. eat grass, then throw up.  Buster is our Jack Russel terrier and he’s an old fart … going on 15 years and deaf as a rock.  Anyway, he was gone for a long time so I went out into the dark, cold, and rainy morning and found him in our neighbor’s yard wandering aimlessly around.  Do dogs get Alzheimer’s too???

Hey check out this photo of a rainbow that came out while I was golfing yesterday morning … it was pretty awesome!

We had a great weekend of music both at Lulu’s on Friday and Kani Ka Pila last night.  Congratulations to KKPG for celebrating its 2nd Anniversary this week with prizes last night (jeez, has it been 2 years already?!) – so if you could answer one of our Hawaiian trivia questions, then you won a prize!  It was so much fun and the crowd was awesome – leading the charge was our friend, Yutaka, who I just nicknamed the “Energizer Bunny” because he always gets the crowd going!  He got up to do a hula with Auntie Pat, and was also joined by another good friend from Japan, Fumiko.  We also had a real treat last night when Pat’s granddaughter, Lexie, got up to dance to our Green Rose Hula … so cute!  Also dropping in to party with us was Bruce Shimabukuro, a great talent with a big heart just like his brother, Jake!  Also there having a good time was Bruddah Bill, Charles, Sarah, and Carl (Happy b’day!) from Mililani, Keoki, Sharon, Sae, Shion, Takuya, Hiroki, Brian, Yoko, Kazu & family, Ken, Nola, Nao, Yumi, Reid, “Boon”, Fumiko, Masako, Amy, Mike, Logan, Lexie, Noelle, Paul, Jim, Carol, and many others whose names I can’t remember right now (damn, I’m getting old!).  Cute story: Charles (family from Mililani) is 2 years old and just loves trains – in fact his mom told me that they always go to the Dole Plantations because he loves to ride the train and listen to “Ka’aahi Kahului”, a song which we recorded on our 2nd CD and which is played during the train ride.  Anyway, they had just finished dinner and were walking by the Reef last night when all of a sudden, Charles heard us playing our other song “The Train” and made a beeline for KKPG!  I mean, this kid’s only 2 years old and recognizes our music!  Too funny!  Anyway, mahalo to you all and we’re so grateful that you guys chose to spend the evening with us!!

Was also saddened to hear of the passing of the mother of our good friend, Misako … our condolences go out to her and her family.

Aloha, “D”