Rain, Rain!

We had a huge rainstorm last night … woke me up around 4am and sounded like a freight train coming down the valley!  There’s now a cool calmness in the air … very quiet and still … and the sun’s trying to break through the gloomy, cloudy skies.   We just got back from walking the puppies and even they seemed a little disoriented … didn’t stop them from peeing on every bush and plant, though!  By the way, thank you for the nice comments about the photos of Percy & Panda which I posted on my blog yesterday … cute little critters aren’t they?

The boys & I have a meeting this morning and then head on over to Studio Rim to record a radio show with our pal Pele Reiko. It’s always fun to work with Reiko and Hiroko since they are so nice and almost as crazy as we are! LOL!  We’ll be taking our instruments today to play a special song on her show, so I hope you’ll be able to hear her show in Japan soon!  After I’m done with that, I’m heading out to WCC to play in our Spring Club Day horserace with my partner, Les.  And since MDNA also performs at Lulu’s tonight, I’m kinda hoping we don’t make it to the finals … NOT!!  We’ll also be back at Kani Ka Pila Grille tomorrow night so I hope to see some of you there!

I spent most of yesterday doing an interview and a couple of photo shoots with the boys for a couple of travel magazines.  It’s always fun to do an interview with Nick and Alex because I’m always interested to hear things from their perspective.  After we were done, we met our friend, Gregg, over at Ojiya’s, a Japanese restaurant near the Hawai’i Convention Center for some drinks & pupus.  Gregg had just lost his mother a couple of days ago, so we wanted to spend time with him and give him our support.

And finally … HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY!  Please have a great & safe weekend!

Aloha, “D”