Boy, my body’s taken a beating the last few weeks … first was the cold virus with laryngitis, then the cough that just won’t quit, and now some kind of insect bite on my neck that’s swollen and painful!  What the @#$% is going on??  On top of that, I lost a good friend to cancer this past Saturday, and my best friend’s mom passed away last night … boy, is there any relief in sight?!

Now, now, Lloyd .. happy thoughts, happy thoughts … hmmm  … oh yeah, we finally received a supply of gourmet coffee for our NEspresso machine – love mixing the stuff with my regular Dunkin’ Donuts brew. Wow .. that’s really reachin’, huh??  And at least IOLANI on Kona St. is chugging right along … thanks to the great support we’ve received from both locals & tourists.  Stop in and say “howzit” the next time you’re near Ala Moana Center …

There’s not much else happening this week … I’m sort of laying low and trying to get my health back to 100%.  Gonna probably skip my PRO workout today and go tomorrow … that stuff really kicks my ass, especially when combined with a game of squash afterward!

Aloha, “D”