Workouts are hard!

Aloha kakahiaka, peeps! Our puppies were INSANE this morning … sprinting around the house and then running outside to bark at who knows what!  There’s some construction going on across the street so that’s probably why they were nut cases.

Alex had his final gig at Tikis last night for a while.  I wanted to go  but since he didn’t start until after 9pm, I ended up falling asleep while watching TV and didn’t make it down.  I tell you, anything past 10pm and I’m toast – no more late night gigs for this old fart!  At least I was there in spirit and cheering him on!

I think I was extra tired last night because I had back-to-back workouts yesterday – PRO Fitness and then squash.  The PRO Fitness workout KILLED me!  Lots of work on the quads, gluts, and lower back …  and mostly with the electronic stim machine.  They stick electrodes on specific muscles, then zap you with a series of strong electronic pulses as you’re doing the exercise.  This is supposed to stretch the muscle during the workout, but to me it’s a science experiment gone mad!  The electrical stimulus level is set to where it’s just below your screaming point and before you start doing the floppy chicken!  Then you have to do the exercises which by themselves would make most men cry “uncle”!  After I was done and totally exhausted, I then decided to play an hour of squash .. what an idiot!  My legs were so tired I could hardly move around the court … must have also been a little delirious because I could have sworn Elvis was trying to hit me with the squash ball … ended up kicking his butt too .. I think!  lol

Aloha, “D”