Back From Vegas!

Good morning, peeps!  Feeling much better after a long restful night … there really is no place like home!  After we arrived back in Hawai’i early yesterday morning, I had a meeting and then spent a couple of hours down at IOLANI before “hitting the wall” and barely making it home!  I ended up watching an episode or two of NCIS before spending the rest of the afternoon and evening checking out the inside of my eyelids … in other words, I totally crashed out!

Vegas, you ask?  Hmmm, let’s see … oh, yeah … since it was the boys’ birthday trip, we pretty much did whatever they felt like doing and ended up in downtown checking out the Fremont Street Experience.  I always liked the atmosphere downtown because everything is in one place and you don’t have to walk a mile between each hotel like on the Strip.  They have a lot of vendor kiosks selling mostly tacky touristy stuff, but we did find a couple of cool things – a spray-painting artist and a guy writing messages on a grain of rice!  Check out the pics – the artist spray paints his art using only cans of spray paint, pieces of cardboard, and crumpled newspaper and paper towels.  The rice guy only uses a very tiny pen to write messages and draw pictures on each grain of rice … and no magnifying glass!  Pretty awesome!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you guys about the zip line …. yeeehaaaa!!!   Aloha, “D”