It’s Saturday … so what do you guys have planned for today?  I’m playing golf with my buddies early this morning and then have our annual Selohssa banquet this evening.  Our club’s new officers & chairmen will be sworn in tonight, so I need to be there to officially “hand the reins” over to our new victim .. oops, I mean president.  haha!

I finally had my old tires replaced yesterday and can definitely feel the difference in the way the car handles.  For some reason, the original Bridgestone tires wore out pretty quickly so I replaced them with a set of Goodyears that my mechanic said were much more durable.  While I waited for my car, I walked next door to the Town Restaurant to grab a cup of coffee play with my iPad.  Since this was my first visit to Town, I decided to try their granola bowl which turned out to be a great choice!  The granola was nothing special, but the combination of fruits – grapes, cherry, raisins, cranberries, and pears (?) – along with yogurt, made it spectacular!

Also went to the doctor to have my cough checked out again.  I still have this damn thing and it’s been over 2 weeks already, and my ribs hurt from all the coughing!  She said that this particular cough is tough to get rid of and lingers for quite a while … plus, the vog is also not helping.  Any suggestions or remedies, anyone??

Aloha, “D”