Aloha kakahiaka, everyone!  It’s early Sunday morning and I’ve just had my first cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and am ready to blog!  Got up coughing at 5:00am … man, this stuff will just not go away!  I’m gonna try and see the doctor again tomorrow and get more meds before I leave to join the boys on the mainland.  Don’t want to get sick up there, especially since it’s still cold!

We’re going to our goddaughter Caroline’s baptism today.  Nick’s gonna miss it since he’s already on the mainland, but we’ll send him some photos so he won’t feel left out.  After that, I’m gonna go play a few games of squash down at the Honolulu Club before heading home to FINALLY take down the last of the Christmas lights … that’s right, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!  Hey, I may be slow but I eventually get stuff done!

What, you ask??  How was my golf?? :-)  Well … I shot an 81 yesterday and won all bets – again!  No birdies this time, but a bunch of pars and bogeys and no “explosion holes” (double bogeys or worse).  I’m gonna enjoy this ride for as long as I can because the evil golf gods will eventually punish me and turn my game to crap!  And last night, my Selohssa Golf Club had its annual banquet where the new officers for 2011 were sworn in … and with that, my term as president also came to an end!  Yeehaaa!!  Just to let you know, our new officers are almost always “elected” in absentia … in other words, if you don’t show up for the general membership meeting, you run the risk of being elected!  Democracy is a wonderful thing …..

Aloha, “D”