Happy “Aloha Friday”!

Good morning, all!  It’s Friday and I hope you all are getting ready for another great weekend here in paradise!  ManoaDNA is off this weekend and next since we’ll be on the mainland, so we’ll look forward to seeing all of you after we get back.  I hear it’s still pretty cold over on the “big island of America” so I have to dig out some of my winter stuff from storage and pray that they still fit!

I had a good round of golf yesterday afternoon – finally!  Shot an 82 with two birdies, and was pretty consistent throughout the round.  The vog was terrible, though, and I think it’s started to affect my sinuses .. so now I’m battling a cough and a possible sinus infection!  @#%$&*!!

So just another reminder … we won’t be at Lulu’s or Kani Ka Pila this weekend or the next but I’ll be keeping up with my blogs while on the road …. Aloha, “D”