MDNA Blog – I’m hiding…

I’ve been hiding from all you bloggers out there…that’s why I didn’t write a blog for so long. I’m hiding behind all of my school books haha!
Nah, the truth is I’ve been SUPER busy with school and music this last month that I just didn’t have the time to sit down and blog. I’m still trying so hard to do it but it’s definitely difficult.

So, I’m still in school, still playing music, been surfing a lot more to relax, and…umm…well…I’m still the same person! Haha! I played at Tikis the last two Mondays as AK and the Sunshine, and we’ll be back there on Monday the 28th of this month so come down at 9pm to have some fun.

We have the weekend off because a couple of us are going on some trips so I’m sorry if you wanted to see us! It’s going to be nice just to relax and hang out, not sure what I’m going to do though. Any suggestions?

Well, got to go! Hope you all have a great weekend and be safe!

Artistic Picture of me... 🙂