Early start ….

We’re off to the Perry & Price Show early this morning to promote the Punahou Carnival on their radio show.  My voice has pretty much disappeared due to that throat virus I got a couple of days ago.  And to make things worse, I had to really push it at Lulu’s last night because the place was so damn noisy!  The highlight of the evening was seeing our good friend, Naoko Pua’ala, who had just flown in from Japan.  Mahalo for coming to see us and for the lovely hula!  Ok … gotta go now, so I’ll continue this after we get back …. stay tuned for more!

I’m back … just got done doing the Perry & Price Show down at Jimmy Buffet’s in Waikiki.  As expected, I really struggled vocally and actually had to switch to falsetto on some of my parts!  Very frustrating!  We ate at the breakfast buffet which they had provided and guess what one of the entrees was – chicken katsu curry!  Wow … is that a first or what?!  Anyway, we did the promo for the Punahou Carnival, got back home, and now I have to go to a memorial service for a very good friend of mine and then it’s on to Kani Ka Pila tonight where I’m probably going to sound like a frog!  Oh well … that’s showbiz!

Oh yeah .. yesterday we recorded another radio show over at Studio Rim with DJs Pele Reiko and Hiroko and as usual, we had a great time!  This was a special Valentines Day segment so I hope all of our friends & fans in Japan will be able to listen to our tips on romance!  Well … maybe not romance, but romantic places & restaurants!

Aloha, “D”