I’m beat!

Slept in late this morning (if you can call 7am late) because I got home really late from a dinner party last night.  I must have been really tired because even the puppies couldn’t get me out of bed!  I also had my second Pro Fit workout session yesterday over at the Queen’s POB and really worked my butt off – literally!  They use electronic pulse stimulation on some of the exercises and it’s the weirdest feeling … liked getting shocked in rapid succession while you’re exercising!  It’s all good, though … I hope!!

I want to send a big mahalo to the Masunaga’s for hosting the dinner party last night at their beautiful home up in Waialae Iki!  Keiko is an awesome cook and Tomoko’s lamb chops were to die for … I wish I had taken photos, but I didn’t want to be rude and pull out my camera during dinner!  Tacky!  Hahaha!  Masunaga-san also served me the best nihon-shu I have ever tasted … seriously!  I think it was from the Hokkaido area and was called Gingashizu, or “drop from the Milky Way” as I was told.  I also met Yohito Teraoka a well-known musician, composer, and producer from Japan and really enjoyed spending some time talking “shop”with him.  I was surprised when he told me that he was big fan of “oldies” music .. especially the Beatles!  I knew I liked the guy!!

Aloha, “D”