Rain’s back!

And I’m not talking about the Korean pop star with money problems … I meant that it’s actually raining this morning.  I know I’ve complained about the cold mornings on my recent blogs, but I definitely prefer that to the muggy, rainy weather that came back last night.  But since the rain nourishes the aina so it’s all good, I guess …

I went over to the new Nijiya Market across the street from IOLANI to pick up some lunch and ended up getting a bowl of chirashi sushi.  The dish consists of vegetables, sashimi, roe, egg, vegetables, and nori, all on a bed of sushi rice.  Sounds weird, but it’s really ono!  If you haven’t been to Nijiya yet, it’s just like the convenience stores in Japan … filled with a great assortment of Japanese prepared foods and food products.  Check it out next time you’re in our neighborhood.

Aloha, “D”