No golf today …

It’s still raining .. in fact, there was even some thunder & lightning last night.  The forecast is for more rain and possible flash floods so I don’t think I’ll be golfing with my Thursday buddies today!  We were supposed to play out at Mid-Pacific CC because the Sony Open is at Waialae this week, but we’ll probably cancel due to the weather.  Boy, I sure hate to see what the Waialae is going to look like after this weekend … especially with all the spectators walking the muddy wet course.

I just found out yesterday that a group of friends from the Hiroshima Hawaiian Club were coming down to visit us at IOLANI on Kona St. this morning.  I remember when ManoaDNA first performed in Hiroshima during the 2007 Golden Week tour … the boys were really hungry for a McDonald’s hamburger and Katoh-san, the leader of the Hawaiian club, personally escorted us to the nearest McDonald’s for lunch.  Ever since then, we’ve always looked forward to our annual visits to Hiroshima especially since my mother’s relatives still live in nearby Akiota-cho.

ManoaDNA will not be performing this week since the boys are working at the Sony Open, so if you were planning to come down to Lulu’s or Kani Ka Pila, our sincerest apologies! Have a great (and dry) day!

Aloha, “D”