It’s getting colder!

Either I’m imagining things or it’s getting colder … it’s freezing here in Manoa!  I think because it rained yesterday, there’s probably more humidity in the air which would make it colder than if the air were drier.  Just my theory ….

I watched the BCS Championship game yesterday at Side Street Inn and what a great game it was!  Auburn was definitely the stronger team, but Oregon’s quickness kept them in the game till the last second.  Congrats to both Auburn and Oregon for a wonderful college football finale!  It’s kinda sad that the college season is over … I enjoy college football so much more than the pros.  The kids play with such passion & fun, while the NFL pros are a bunch of spoiled brats acting like they still enjoy the game.

I’ve got another early day so I’ve gotta get ready to roll … take care and have a great day!

Aloha, “D”