Tuesday, Jan. 4th

Just got back from walking our dogs on another beautiful morning!  It’s cool & breezy with a bit of Manoa mist in the air … my kind of weather!  For some reason, our puppies took a long time reading their “pee” mail (like email – get it?) and seemed to spend a lot of time sniffing the trees & bushes.  I think we need to enroll them in speed-reading classes so the walks won’t take so long!

It was “Boy’s Night Out” last night at Tokkuritei’s new location in Kapahulu … yet another gathering to celebrate Alex’s birthday and to sample some great food and sake.  The restaurant’s new location is right above the Hee Hing Chinese restaurant on Kapahulu Ave. and it’s a lot more open & brighter than their former space.  I like it.

Today’s schedule is pretty mild – no meetings or appointments on my schedule – so I’m going to visit an ailing friend before attempting to organize my office so that it doesn’t look like a bomb hit it!  LOL!

Aloha, “D”