Up early .. again!

Yawn!  I think the sun’s starting to come up earlier in the morning … it actually started getting light around 5:15am.  Of course, as soon as I’m awake the puppies are on the move … damn, they have good ears!  So I let out ’em out to do their “business”, brew a pot of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, and then fire up the old laptop to write my blog.  That’s my morning .. so here I am, half-asleep, caffeine-deprived, trying to write something that’s legible and won’t bore you guys to death!  Hold on … I think the coffee’s ready!  I’m saved!!

We return to Lulu’s & Kani Ka Pila this weekend and then have a special performance at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce Festival on Sunday afternoon.  So much for my relaxing holiday schedule!  Alex’s creativity has returned and he’s been busy composing new songs while Nick & I continue to help Carla with the IOLANI store which is starting to take off.  Next week is also the Sony Open at Waialae, so the two boys have volunteered to help at the tournament.  I refuse to go near the club during the Open because one – I hate crowds, and two – I hate crowds!  It should be a good tournament, though, so I may watch some of it on TV …

Went and picked up some chicken katsu curry at a new place – Taiyo Ramen – located diagonally across the street from IOLANI on the corner of Piikoi St. and Kona St. right next to the new Nijiya Market.  The place is small and cramped but the food was pretty good and reasonably priced.  I think the operators are Korean because every order includes a small portion of some very potent kimchee.  This kimchee had a very deep red color (lots of chili peppers!!) and if you can stand the heat, is quite tasty and gives some added kick to the curry.

Aloha, “D”