MDNA Blog – Silly Hat Golf

I went golfing with a couple of friends out at the Hawaii Kai par 3 course the other day and our theme was ‘Silly Hat’ golf. We all found weird hats to wear and played golf and drank beers in the afternoon. Let me just say that it was so much fun because we had to buy beer first at Foodland and we all wore our hats in the store. Everyone had to look and wonder why we all had great hats on. There were four of us and unfortunately I only took pictures of two of my friends because I was too busy having a GREAT time to take more pictures haha! So, I wore a great corona cowboy hat, my friend “B” wore a hat the made him look like a train conductor, my other friend “N” wore a bucket hat, and my other friend who lives in California, “A”, wore his Mom’s bike helmet…pretty great yea?!? Anyways, sorry I didn’t take more pictures, I’ll be better about it next time…ENJOY!!

Here is “N” in his bucket hat. (he saw someone he knew in foodland and she thought he was an old man at first hahahahah!)

Here is “A” in his helmet…at least he was the safest out of all of us….