Christmas Day 2010 is now in the books and it’s time to start focusing on 2011 … hmmm, what will the New Year bring?  The first thing we plan to do is celebrate my dad’s & Alex’s birthdays on Jan. 2nd.  It always amazed me that the oldest and the youngest in my family were born on the same day.  And according to my dad, they also shared the same musical talent!  I found that hard to believe, though, because I remember when I was small kid and being in church singing hymns while standing between my mom and dad.  On one side was my mom who had a beautiful voice (used to sing on radio in her younger days), and on the other was my dad who sounded like he was screeching bird calls … I had to look at his hymn book to make sure it wasn’t upside down or something!   Hahaha!!:-))  What great memories …

It looks like the wet weather has returned because the skies are cloudy and it’s been raining pretty steadily all morning.  I’m supposed to play in my golf club’s championship tournament out in Kunia in a couple of hours so I’m hoping that the rain isn’t as bad out there.  Actually, rain doesn’t really bother me but lightning scares me to death … if there’s lightning on the course, I’m outta there!

Aloha, “D”