A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL, MY FRIENDS!!  I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful & peaceful holiday today with your families!  We actually started celebrating Christmas last night after we got back from that awful Hawai’i Bowl where U.H. got crushed by Tulsa  … how embarrassing, especially on national TV!  At least the tailgate party before the game was fun (check out the pics) and it was good to see a lot of the boys’ friends there.  Now here’s an interesting item – during the game there was a squad of all-star cheerleaders from Japan who were there to cheer for Tulsa … wow – how strange is that?!  Anyway, we ended up leaving after the 3rd quarter – I couldn’t stand watching the game anymore – and headed home for our annual Christmas Eve dinner.  Although still smarting from the beating that U.H. took, I consoled myself by stuffing my face with turkey, stuffing, lasagna, sweet potatoes, prime rib, mac & cheese, salads, and tons of desserts.  I ate so much and was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t get to sleep until almost 2am!  Why do I always do this to myself?  Oink, oink ….

This morning Carla prepared her traditional Christmas morning breakfast for all of us and then we spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying this wonderful day. The puppies also seem a little partied out and have been pretty quiet all day too.

Have a wonderful day, everybody!

Aloha, “D”