Saturday Serenata: “Merry Christmas Music!”

Merry Christmas Everyone! Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, I hope you are happy, healthy and safe!

Welcome to the first official entry of my new section, “Saturday Serenata,” where I discuss discuss music. From opinions to reporting, this new segment will be a new experience for me, and I hope I can stay focused!

Christmas music has been flowing over the radio, internet and store speakers for a couple of weeks. By now, you are either sick of it or enjoying the non-stop “Jingle Bells” marathon throughout your life. Started as chants and evolving into carols, Christmas music has now become the backbone of every commercial, restaurant and symbol during the holiday season. But where did it all begin and where can ManoaDNA take it? That’s the topic for today’s “Saturday Serenata.”

In early years, like all of music, Christmas songs started as chants to celebrate the season. As music evolved, these chants turned into carols celebrating the religious aspects of the holidays. Now, Christmas songs feature a wide variety of subjects from love to chestnuts in all languages. It’s a universal sound and form that has been tweaked but still remains true.

ManoaDNA performs several songs and carols during the holidays, helping people enjoy the season. Many have asked us when we will release a full album of our songs, but our answer is always the same: “When we have time.” Now, as I sit here planning 2011, I wonder if next year is the right time, and if there is a right way to do it? Should we write new Christmas songs or just cover the same old classics? Can Christmas music even be tweaked or is the point of Christmas music to stay within familiar boundaries? Questions I assume every musician or artist goes through when dealing with this topic, and now we stand at that podium trying to come up with answers.

Whatever we decide to do, it will be ManoaDNA, I guarantee you that. Whether it’s Christmas, the Eagles, or originals, we always put our little spin on it to make it unique. But, I’m interested to hear what you think? Leave a comment below and we can discuss!

Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe, stay happy, and enjoy the loved ones you are with! Hope to see you soon, and until next week, MELE KALIKIMAKA and ALOHA!