Cool Monday

I just love this weather … cool, crisp, and not a cloud in the sky so I can see the entire mountain range that surrounds the valley!  This is my favorite time of year .. not only for the weather, but also because it’s the holiday season.  The Thanksgiving holiday is this Thursday, followed in a few weeks by Christmas, and then it’s time to ring in the 2011 New Year!  And though we’re all stressing through these tough economic times, I hope that these holidays will bring some joy and relief to you and your families.

We performed for a wedding reception yesterday afternoon out at Lanikuhonua which is located at the Ko Olina resort.  I forgot how beautiful that place is and took some photos which I’ll post tomorrow since my camera is stashed somewhere with my instrument and I’m too lazy to go look for it.  We had a great time but our instruments kept going out of tune due to the moisture that was coming in off the ocean with the onshore breeze.  This happened to me once before when we performed at the Manele Bay Hotel on Lana’i.  That was when I decided to switch to using an all-composite guitar versus the traditional wooden one.  Although the sound quality is not as good, the all-composite instrument is a lot more stable in different climates.  And even though the strings still react a bit to the weather, it’s much more stable tuning-wise than when I was playing my wooden Larivee.  Of course, everyone has their own preferences ….

Alex is performing tonight at Tiki’s with Mark … this will be his 2nd “solo” gig so we’re all going down to support him.  Hope to see you there!

Aloha, “D”