Another ManoaDNA Weekend, Episode 264

Great times call for some great photos! Here’s what happened this weekend while ManoaDNA was out and about!

Im thankful for this beautiful Waikiki evening at Kani Ka Pila!  Last show before Thanksgiving.

We started off the weekend by having our last Lulus and Kani Ka Pila for the month. We are taking the weekend off for Thanksgiving next week and it will be some much-needed rest for the ManoaDNA kids. We are also done with Lulus for the rest of 2010 already, and only one more Kani Ka Pila! Where did the year go?!

The French Hot Dog

Last week was also “Restaurant Week” on O’ahu, which featured some fancy dishes from restaurants all around the island! It was so good! Here’s my special hot dog from Hank’s Haute Dogs; white beans, chiccharones, portugese chili and a chorizo sausage was so delicious. They also featured a spicy portugese sausage hot dog with ghost pepper ketchup. If you don’t know what a ghost pepper is, you don’t want to know. Hottest pepper in the world!

Does anyone dare to eat this hotdog from Hanks?!  I will buy you one just to let me film you.  Ha!

Congratulations Lauren & Sean!

Finally, we ended the weekend out at Lanikuhonua on the west-side of O’ahu. A very, very beautiful place out by the Ihilani hotel, and a perfect setting for a Hawaiian wedding! Congratulations to Lauren and Sean, and thank you for letting ManoaDNA be a part of your special day!

Look for Thursday’s blog post as I will be doing another episode of “Nick in Pictures,” showing off more beautiful pictures from Lanikuhonua and ManoaDNA!

Aloha for now,