Just cruisin’

It’s another gorgeous Sunday afternoon here in paradise, and I’m just cruising at home enjoying the peace and tranquility of Manoa Valley.  I just realized that this is the first day that I have absolutely nothing to do … yay!  I think I might do some stuff around the house and maybe go for a run later this afternoon, or maybe just lie on the sofa and watch football … I love these kinds of days!!

I went and played a round of golf yesterday morning with some of my pals and shot a horrible 89 … man, my game sucked!  The weather was beautiful and the course was in great shape, so I take full responsibility for my awful score!  I thought I’d show you guys the 7th green at Waialae – check out the coconut trees which are formed into the shape of a “W” – my friend Ethan donated that as his tribute to Waialae … pretty cool, huh?

Was it just me or was it hot & humid yesterday afternoon & evening?!  I was sweating like a pig while we were setting up down at Kani Ka Pila Grille … it almost felt like the time we were in Yokohama last July!  My shirt was so soaked with sweat that it looked like someone had just pushed me into the swimming pool!  We still had a fun evening, though … mahalo to Juri, Mayumi, Kiyoko, Sae, Shion, Doug, Jayson, Clayton, Pat, Guy, Kanako, Bill, Laurie, Kay, Bob, Masako, Nick, Noa, Naoko and all the rest who came to join us last night.  And thank you so much for all the beautiful lei and omiyage which the boys and received and I hope you all had a great time!  See you next time!

Much aloha, “D”