MDNA Blog – Fridays Rule!

I havent blogged in a few days because there really wasn’t anything exciting happening…and then Friday came along…
We started by going to Studio Rim to do a radio segment with Pele Reiko and Hiroko and it was crazy as always! We answered lots of questions from listeners through email, and even had some Japanese friends in the studio who asked us questions on the air. It was fun!

Instead of our usual Friday night at Lulus gig, we played for about 45 minutes at Aloha Tower for a volleyball fundraiser. It seemed like a normal gig but it ended up being so fun! The crowd was really awesome and really into it which made us rock even harder! Thanks to our good friend Barney for letting us jam down there.

As we were leaving the fundraiser, we got to meet a musical legend – Yvonne Elliman! She was so nice to us and even talked story for a little while. Since we are all Manoa residents, we got along pretty good.

Aloha DNAers!!