Volleyball fundraisers rock!

Good morning!  MDNA performed at the Waikiki Volleyball Association’s fundraiser down at the Aloha Tower Marketplace last night and what a great event it was!  The place was overflowing with people as they mingled and ate at the various food booths which were stationed all around the area.  There must have been at least a couple of thousand people there … it was insane!  But hey .. for only a $20 donation this was by far the best deal in town!  Mahalo and congratulations to Barney Choy, Tiny Tadani, “Mental Mele”, Gavin Kaina, and all the rest of the gang for a job very well done!

We also ran into Yvonne Elliman who was there to perform with Gavin’s group after we were done.  Yvonne is a local girl who burst on to the national scene with her starring role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s broadway hit “Jesus Christ Superstar” and later went on to become an international recording artist and song writer.  She and Alex hit it off immediately because they’re both hapa and play guitar left-handed!  What is with these “southpaw” musicians?!!

Afterward, the boys & I went to eat at our favorite Korean restaurant, Sorabol, located on Keeaumoku St. near Walmart.  I always dread eating spicy stuff late at night because I always pay for it the next morning, but the food is soooo good!  We stuffed ourselves with kal bi, bul go gi, bi bim koo soo, kim chee chige, and some ikura, hamachi, and saba sushi … all washed down with ice cold nama beeru!  And just as I predicted, I’m paying for it this morning!!  Stooooopiiidd!!!

See y’all at Kani Ka Pila tonight!   Aloha, “D”


  1. Konnichiwa , I was one of the Contestants ‘Kzoo karaoke contest. If u remember me I want to hear your opinion about my song. Also I want to introduce Manoadna on my Japanese radio show .Please reply my gmail.