Sun’s out!

It is a BEEEEYOOTIFUL Tuesday morning here in the valley!  The sun’s out and there’s a slight chill in the air … plus, everthing’s so lush & green from the recent rains.  Got kind of a slow morning with only a couple of meetings on my schedule later on in the day.  Oh yeah, I just remembered that today is Election Day so a lot of people have the day off to go and vote!  No wonder the neighborhood seems a little quieter this morning!

I went down to Tiki’s last night to watch Alex perform his first solo live.  Our pal, Jack Ofoia, was there to back him up on guitar and bass … Jack’s an awesome player and the two of them did a great job!  What’s really interesting is that they both play their guitars backwards and upside-down, meaning that they take a guitar made and tuned for a right-handed person and play it left-handed!  They even call themselves “The Leftys”!  Hahaha!!

And since last night was Monday Night Football, it was also Big Mac night at McDonald’s where you get two Big Macs for the price of one.  I had to try it out at least once this season, so I stopped by McDonald’s to pick up a couple of #1 meals and sure enough, I got 4 Big Macs!  Great promotion, but that’s way too much food for the average person!

Aloha, “D”