Happy Halloween! What Were You?

My how time flies when you’re busy! Happy Halloween everyone!

Last night was Halloween in Manoa Valley, and everyone from around the neighborhood was out in full force! The Kawakami house hosted our annual Halloween party, and witnessed tons and tons of kids trick-or-treating their way around the valley. It was a super fun night with our friends!

Happy Halloween!  What am I?!?  Guess correctly and you could win 1,000,000 ahorios!!!

This was my costume, “The Yellow Bird from Angry Birds.” If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, this may just look like a big chicken. But it’s actually a character from a very popular game on the iPhone and iPad. The game is called Angry Birds, and I’m the yellow speed-boost bird. I know, I’m super dorky.

Happy Halloween!  My pumpkin!

I also carved a quick pumpkin to celebrate the night. No, it’s not a self-portrait!

Hopefully you all had a safe and fun Halloween weekend. If you want, share your costume below in the comments! Include pictures, video, whatever you got and maybe I’ll post them up here!