MDNA Blog – A Swell Night at Tikis

Last night I had my first solo show down at Tikis in Waikiki. My vert good friend Jack Ofoia came down to help me out and he’s awesome! We played from 9-11 and just threw in lots of great fun songs. My Dad and Nick came down along with some other friends so it was nice to see some familiar faces. We technically didn’t have a name fir the two of us so my brother offered a suggestion that stuck – “AK and the Sunshine” – look out for us on our national tours… 🙂

I was really nervous yesterday and I practiced for about 5 hours throughout the day. I wanted to make sure everything went well and I think it went pretty good. I’m doing it again on November 22nd so if you missed last night then come down in 3 weeks!!!

I have the day off today because it’s “National Vote for People” day – that’s the scientific term… I feel like relaxing and maybe going surf today.

Thanks for reading, catch ya laters dude!