It’s rehearsal time …

‘Morning, all!  Tuesday is always kind of a weird day for me since I’m still kind of in my weekend mode and yet, it’s almost the middle of the work week.  I wonder if this is what they meant by the term “Polynesian paralysis”!  We have a rehearsal tonight, so I’m going to have to get my butt in gear and prepare some material for it in between my meetings today …

I had a busy day yesterday even though it was Columbus Day, a national holiday here in the U.S.A..  I was in meetings pretty much all day and then went to play some squash over at the Honolulu Club in the late afternoon.  My wrist actually felt pretty strong and I hardly feel any pain this morning … so far, so good (I hope!).  It feels SO GOOD to get back on the court again even though I’m out of shape and my game sucks.  There’s no better way to get an intense aerobic workout in such a short time … I was literally gasping for air and my legs were gone after only 45 minutes!  Ya gotta love it!!!

Later that evening, I joined Alex, Nick, and our good friend, Gregg, at Tsukuneya, one of our favorite places for pau hana drinks located right next to the University of Hawai’i campus in Manoa.  It’s really convenient since it’s located near our home, and the food and service are very good.

Oh … and some of you asked whether I really have dogs and if we actually go for walks!  Well, here’s a photo to prove it!    Enjoy! :-))

Aloha, “D”


  1. OMG!! How cute they are!! I miss my dog… Have a good day Dad 🙂

  2. Kanako Hayashi

    Aloha Dad!
    It’s nice picture ne. I like it!
    You and your puppies look fun!!
    They are so cute! “choou kyawaiii”!!!

    How is your wrist?
    Please take care and get well soon…:)


    • Mahalo, Kanako! The puppies look very calm in this photo, but they are not like this very often! They are very rascal which drives me crazy all the time!
      Aloha, “D”